Services - What the notary can do for you

Real estate, mortgage securities:
Advice about, or certification and execution of purchase contracts for real estate and plots of land. Help with managing mortgage securities and mortgages. Advice about the paying off of mortgages and loans. Supervision of voluntary auctions of real estate. Establishment, or the buying and selling of inheritable building leases.

Corporate law, selling or restructuring of companies:
Advice and certification which is specific to GmbHs and PLC’s (companies limited by shares). Restructuring of companies. Planning and conducting of annual general meetings (AGMs). Advice about the choice of the type of business enterprise- in the foundation phase, during a company restructure, or in order to decide upon the future of a company.

Development and division of property:
Drafting and authentication of agreements for division of houses or industrial properties, which are to be divided amongst parties to be developed or built separately, in accordance with the German WEG law.
Legal supervision of building projects and their development. Purchase and sale of supermarkets and other industrial properties, but also for terraced(town) houses for use as living space to be bought or rented.