The Notary- independent advisor   

Notaries are independent and impartial advisors for all important areas of law. As a notary, I make sure that the interests of all parties are represented, but in cooperation with, instead of against each other. I do this through clarification of the facts and advising the parties concerned as to their next steps.

Years of experience is needed in order to bring the wishes of clients to fruition and in the right way.

The notary finds solutions that last and that function in practice.

As a civil servant, it is also the duty of the notary to work for the state. The notary puts together certificates, creates titles enforceable by law and verifies signatures. A document given by a notary can spare a court case. This avoids costs, irritation and time. Should it nevertheless come to a dispute, the notary can function as a mediator, in order to find a mutual and sensible solution to the problem.

The notaries see themselves as competent law advisors and modern service providers. The notary is the neutral point of intersection between companies and authorities, between citizens and state. The notary creates a legal safety net for  the most important things in life.



A short biography

Dr Stefan Zimmermann was born in Bad Kreuznach (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) in 1961 and later studied law in Mainz, where he later received his doctorate. He completed his legal internship in Bad Kreuznach and Düsseldorf. After completing his studies, he worked for an auditing firm in Frankfurt. From 1990-1993, Dr Stefan Zimmermann worked in the chamber of notaries in Koblenz. In 1993 he was offered the position of notary in Rostock. Dr Stefan Zimmermann has been working as a notary in Rostock since his appointment in 1993.


Comprehensive briefing of clients is a major part of Dr Stefan Zimmermann's everyday work. Free brochures on many areas of law are available, law concerning real estate, families and inheritance  being just a small sample of the topics covered therein. Dr Stefan Zimmermann informs his clientele about questions of inheritance law or rights and new developments in small events and seminars.